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Recent Testimonials

You've done a good job getting your products to market (and that is no small task). Now, you're wondering how to get traction and keep sales growing and profitable?

You just read some testimonials from top sellers who've seen results, and they said some very kind words.

Unless you’re an experienced marketer, getting results with ecommerce on any platform is not an easy process - the research alone can take hours, and we've been doing this for quite a while. 

So, getting the research done correctly and crafting copy and images that have true emotional pull is critical because if you are not careful you could end up losing a small fortune on wasted traffic that doesn't convert.

But lets be direct...

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If your business generates profit online, we will discuss your optimization goals and suggest strategies to double your sales. (Others charge up to $500 for this.)

"I just wanted to tell you that yesterday was record-breaking sales! I am so grateful that I found you...  I like to run everything by you because you have been an integral part of launching (and growing) the business, including our 219% growth in the past 30 days!" 

          - Megan Graham (Owner Megan Graham Beauty)

“Wow! Immediate uptick in conversions after dropping in your deliverables, and our best sales day ever - and it wasn't even a holiday! Thanks for your amazing work." 

          - Gerrard Larriett (Top Pet Brand Owner)

"Sold Out of our Neck Brace. Went from 0 to $20K in 6 weeks! You're a master at your craft."

          - Frank Galushka (Top Medical Brand Owner)

“I own all the top keywords for my category and that one product is making $30k-$40k a year.  For one product -- I would consider that a success. Thank you.”  

          - John Holder (Top 10% Amazon Seller)

"We made back what we spent with you in 1 week!  We're ranked top of multiple categories - organically! In fact, this listing is outselling 5 similar products that I've been selling for years... I can't keep my inventory in stock fast enough."

          - Cody Barton (Veteran Amazon Seller)

All paid advertising, all images, all marketing, begins with gutsy, unique copy.

The ideas and brand stories in good copy steer your shoppers away from the crowd of competitors and positions your product as the only real choice.

When it comes to copy, sure, we know what tickles Google and Amazon’s A9 algorithms:

But copy that converts goes well beyond metrics and keyword density, it requires...

  • Deep Market Research to uncover competitive advantages and psychological 'buying triggers' that others simply miss

  • Unique Value Propositions that are emotionally "sticky" (like day-old gum in a never goes away...ever)

  • Optimized Titles to help search algorithms sniff out your product and offer it up like a Labrador with a lost chew toy (only without the slobber)

  • SEO Optimized Copy with density triggers that get you additional Search lovin' 

  • Primary Keyword Selection, because if you try and aim at everything you hit nothing, that's why the laser-focused copy to give you the best long-term SEO results

The result is great copy and artistry that quite simply charms customers into buying.

Emotionally-Charged Design & Creative

Visual marketing for e-commerce is a different animal.

You have less than 2 seconds (1.4 to be exact) to grab a customers attention and have them consider your product, before they thumb-scroll right on by...

That's why your images have to grab and carry shoppers on an emotional journey to becoming buyers.

Shoppers don’t care about “art” and they certainly don’t care if your image is on a plain white background - shoppers ultimately only care about how your products make them feel

They want to feel:

  • Important
  • Sexy
  • Safe
  • Pain-free
  • Loved

If your images ‘say' that, then your images will convert shoppers into buyers.

Strategic Consulting

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My Image

“Hi Sean, just wanted to let you know that my product sales have (AT LEAST) doubled....” - Wendy Monroe


Sought us out for his company's latest brand launch.

"Blown away! Amazing!"


Brand Owner that sought our help for brand consultation

"Hi Sean, just wanted to let you know that my sales have (AT LEAST) doubled...."​​​​​​​


Top international seller uses our team to craft high-converting listings

"Hey Sean! I just wanted to thank you and your team again for the awesome photos and copy! You guys did such a great job."  

This successful baby niche brand owner chose our marketing to grow her online sales

“100% worth hiring...not only increased my conversions, but helped to optimize my images to increase conversions even more. I am definitely using him for all future jobs!" 


International seller with many successful brands chose us to help with his US marketing

"Sean is a great marketer. Wish he would clone himself - especially when I see sales statistics ”


A UK seller had us help with her newest US launch. 

"I feel anyone is lucky to have Sean Farrington to work with them on any project, his [work] brings extra sales...highly recommend.” ​​​​​​​


Ben sought us out based off of a client referral... Having been around the block a few times as an online retailer, he knows the other options. 

"I gave him 2 new products and the conversions on both have far exceeded my expectations.  I want my money back from all the other companies I've used in the past!”​​​​​​​


Started with this single Private Label marketing overhaul, and asked us to overhaul his whole product line which ended up doubling his company's online sales 

"One of our products is in a very competitive niche was doing nothing, maybe 3-5 sales a week. All we did was have Sean and his team update the listing for us and now it is up to 25 sales per day.”


He and his business partner sought out our help for his new launch, and became serial clients

"Your work blows everyone everything else out of the water, in fact, you guys did such a great job with my planners that they  already sold out!”


Asked for help with Paid Advertising for his brands

"My product went from being ranked over #30,000 to being ranked #832 in one day. We're staying up all night tonight just to get more inventory in.”


Brought us onboard to launch his new line of pet products onto Amazon

"I was expecting to do 30 sales a day, we blew way past that. 2/3rds of the people landing on our product page are buying and it’s all because of what you did with our listing.  Just tell people to ask me if it’s true, I will tell them."


Megan enjoys a growing beauty brand and sought us out to successfully launch her ecommerce marketing strategy

"The listing is up, and we sold out!  You really do a super good job. Actually a great job! I’m serious. There’s a big difference between excellent an outstanding and you go the extra mile."​​​​​​​

Cody chose to outsource his Marketing to our team, we developed SEO and Marketing strategies that let him grow sales and expand his brand

"We made back what we spend with you and your team in 1 week! We are ranked top of multiple search categories - organically! In fact, this listing is outselling 5 other similar products that I've been selling for years. The only problem I have is that I can't keep my inventory in stock fast enough."

​​​​​Brand Owner who chooses our consulting to move his sales forward

"Wow! Did your tricky listings and Sales jumped from 10 units per day to 40-55 units per day!"​​​​​​​

​​​​​​Enjoying the victory of a new product launch.

"Amazing!  Thanks for all your work on this.  Truly remarkable."

​​​​Serial Entrepreneur challenged our team to craft marketing that turned out to be a lucrative beginning for his fledgling brand.

"Man...You are crazy for this one!! Brilliant work!"


Successful Private Label seller seeks our consulting and marketing services for all of her new launches.

"He really cares about the success of your business and gets great pleasure seeing others succeed"


Experienced Amazon seller who gave us a very challenging product to discover new Unique Value Propositions that convert to sales.

"Wow, Sean! This is what I'm talking about! Absolutely awesome. That really sells the benefits of our product. You turned some of the negatives of this product into positives, which is pure genius. Thank you!!!"


This client asked us to help with his Amazon sales and like all eCommerce sales, images and copy are the only way a shopper can 'experience' a product without touching it.

"Brilliant work! You can almost imagine yourself using the product"


A top 10% Amazon Seller chooses our services, even though she could probably whip most marketers all by herself (with one hand tied behind her back)

"The reason why I hire, and would recommend, Sean Farrington and his team is because he is by far the best at what he does, and delivers great results."

30-year veteran of marketing and top 10% Amazon Seller relied on this team and our talented leadership for his own marketing ventures

"Like any writer, painter, photographer, etc., you either have talent or you do not. And you do! Anyone can learn the mechanics but it is the talent that sells products."

Get your FREE strategy session

If your business generates profit online, we will discuss your optimization goals and suggest strategies to double your sales. (Others charge up to $500 for this.)

First off, congrats!

It happens quickly, in less than 2 seconds...

Good design that converts shoppers into buyers goes well beyond "Photoshop skills" (just as writing good copy goes beyond "typing skills").

If your images do not connect emotionally, you kill sales - end of story.

Most brands and sellers fail on this point, and their sales suffer for it.

  • Confused about Amazon?

  • Not sure of the next steps on Shopify?

  • Worried about 'sales leaks' in your current marketing?

Years of experience may help.

Sean Farrington speaking here,

I have spent years in the trenches making online sales. I know what works and (more importantly) what doesn't. I find great joy in helping clients become profitable. 

I work with clients just like you on anything from broad consulting to new launches and even full overhauls of non-performing product lines. 

If you're on Amazon, I can help in almost all areas (been doing that since 2015).

If your selling through your own site, my team and I can help there as well (my experience ecommerce stretches back to the 90s!)

Most clients schedule one-on-one consultations when they hit roadblocks or need strategic guidance

I can work alongside your team to grow your business, and also develop your in-house skills.

One consultation client had this to say:

Now, you must know, Wendy was literally thinking of dropping that product.

Through just a bit of guidance, she went from losing money on that SKU every day, to thousands in sales in just a 2-weeks.

But I am more interested in you, and your business needs...

Let's grab some time on your calender for a free one-on-one consultation.

​​​​​​​We'll discuss the following:

  • Your e-commerce goals.

  • Which marketing strategies will work best to reach those goals (note: we use these strategies for top 10% and 5% Ecommerce sellers)

  • The questions and insights you need to multiply your sales.

This session is strategic, practical, and designed to give you value (even if we don't work together). 

Some charge up to $500 for these sessions but there’ll be no commitment or obligation to use our services. 

I believe we reap what we sow, so I want to give you 30-minutes of our time to uncover what's most likely preventing you from growing, and then uncover a path forward. 

We appreciate how nerve-racking it can be to pick business services

 So here's how we've made it easy and low risk:

1. You contact us, letting us know what you need.

2. We’ll analyze your eCommerce business to identify whether we’re a good fit for each other. This analysis will include a proposed path forward that explains our strategic and tactical plan of action - with integrated exit points and stop-losses.

3. If we feel that we’re a good fit, we’ll move forward to grow your business; if not, we'll let you know that without wasting your time or money.

Let's chat further about your business


Pro Soccer Player that used our services to launch is sports brand.

"Wow man, you did an awesome job! It's awesome! thank you so much..."​​​​​​​

High-Converting Copy