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If your business generates profit online, we will discuss your optimization goals and suggest strategies to double your sales. (Others charge up to $500 for this.)

We Focus on Your Growth

Not on spending your ad budget...​​​​​​​

PPC Services for Growth & ACOS Control 

  • You will have an Amazon Dashboard purchased and owned by you (details below)

  • We will manage your PPC account through that dashboard (ending the need for constant Seller Central access)

  • Monthly Retainer: We will work on your PPC for a flat $450 per month (billed through Paypal) with a re-evaluation period every 3 months. 

  • Our work includes Exhaustive Keyword Research to find untapped phrases and use them to cast a wider net and capture new search traffic

  • ACOS Optimization of tracking new keywords down to the highest profitability with the lowest cost.

Your Dashboard (Meaning It's Yours From Day 1):

  • No Hidden Black Box Systems 
  • If you want to go it alone, you take it with you
  • You can check on campaigns at any time
  • Cuts down on common tasks so our costs to you are lower
  • Best at giving us unique data for better decisions

    We use Zon Tools for our dashboard.

    This is your tool, you get to keep it even if we don't work together, so you can just use our PPC set up and strategy. 

    Zon Tools is simply the best at handling data and merging best practices (such as  placing Search Term Data right alongside of current click-through, sales, and spend).

    Zon Tools has been around for years and is simply the best dashboard going - and my top clients all rave about it.

    This means we can spend our time focused on strategic growth and planning, sales and spend. I

    You are required to set up a fresh Zon Tools account (even if you have one already so we can start our PPC implementation clean)


    Zon Tools tiers based on monthly PPC spend as we control costs your monthly subscriptions go down, or if you want to get more aggressive or add products, it will tier up. 

    We are going to use their Dominator Tool.

    Pricing Tiers are:

    $1,000/mo spend = $49

    $2,500/mo spend = $99

    $5,000/mo spend = $149

    $10,000/mo spend = $299

    Getting Set Up

    >>>CLICK HERE​​​​​​​ choose Zon Tools Dominator

    Amazon PPC Management

    After you are set up, you will provide us with your login and we will get started (you can watch over our shoulder)